Using Dropbox for Microsoft Office Documents?

Tired navigating web interface for document change history?


 Frustrated by files like 'Document (Jennifer's conflicted copy 2013-12-23).docx'?


Improve your productivity now!

DOWNLOAD application below that integrates Microsoft Office with Dropbox seamlessly:


Make Dropbox features appear in Microsoft Word and Excel: 

  • Locate current file in Dropbox folder
  • Get link to shared file
  • Browse change history
  • Resolve conflicts easily (coming soon!)

Works for all recent Microsoft Office versions (2007, 2010 and 2013 both 32 and 64 bit).

Note that CoDocuments requires Dropbox Application to be installed.

or use this link if you have Microsoft Office 64-bit installed.

Native UI

You may use our product free of charge now.

Feel free to SUPPORT it if you like it.


Use Dropbox features right from native Microsoft Office interface. 

We are working hard to improve our product.

Feel free to leave your feedback below.

By supporting CoDocuments you will get personal license key and will be able to register your own copy of the product for $19 only. In addition you recieve 1 year of first-priority free email support.

No Conflicts 

In case of simultanious edits you are able to choose what version to use. 

You can easily navigate version history from Microsoft Office. 

View History

Compare different versions between each other visually.